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We created Songsmagic.com to make genuine music produced by our creative team availabe for anyone.

A lot of projects, commercials, youtube videos, videoclips require good music beside these a lot of talented singers are looking for the right song in the style of their taste.

In case you want to have your own music you are at the right place!

Just choose your favourite song from the shop menu.

It is possible to pay via PayPal or by credit card.

The purchased song will be immediately available after payment, its link will be transmitted to your email address used at registration. The package contains the complete song in mp3 and wav format, and also all the tracks (drum, guitar, bass etc.)

Derivative-Use License:

by purchasing the song copyright stays with www.songsmagic.com, but the buyer can re-record, or re-mix, or re-arrange, or re-style or re-score for different vocalists and instruments to make a derivative version of the original song, and he is allowed to use the new version in public places, concerts, on the internet and use it commercially (in radio, TV etc.)

BUT buyer is not allowed to sell the original song!

A ‘Derivative-use-license’ is a ‘non-exclusive’ agreement, meaning www.songsmagic.com may have multiple simultaneous ‘Derivative-use licenses’.

It is very important that you should share your real name and e-mail address because this allow you to get the right of using the purchased song.

Have fun.

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